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Dx is the ultimate music and entertainment experience in Cambridge and Greater Boston, specifically curated for DJs, party-goers, and promoters. This premier venue represents a fusion of Dx's unparalleled nightlife expertise featuring the best subculture DJ’s, musical performances and experiential entertainment completely revolutionizing the way DJs and music enthusiasts experience the nightlife scene. From EDM boiler room parties, R&B + Afro Beat nights to Latin fusion.

World-class DJ's

Dx offers exclusive access to an array of world-class DJs spanning various music genres, making it the go-to destination for electronic music aficionados and party enthusiasts alike. With a capacity to accommodate up to 300 people, Dx's multi-room event space provides the perfect canvas for DJs to work their magic and for promoters to host unforgettable events.

VIP Experience

The venue features 10 VIP tables complete with bottle service, ensuring that party-goers can enjoy a premium and personalized experience. For promoters looking to host exceptional events, Dx offers private tables with prime views of the stage, making it the ideal choice for organizing memorable parties, album releases, or special DJ showcases.

Latest Technology

Dx boasts state-of-the-art technology, including LED walls enveloping the stage and a supersonic sound system, ensuring that DJs can deliver electrifying performances that resonate with the crowd. Expansive bars within the venue cater to the thirst of the dancefloor, keeping the party energy high throughout the night.

Great Vibe

Dx is all about providing the best view and experience for both DJs and party-goers, elevating the nightlife scene in Boston to unprecedented heights. It's the ultimate destination for those who seek a blend of luxury, music, and an unforgettable party atmosphere.


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